Waiver Requests Update as of July 30, 2019

New Waiver Guidance regarding medical equipment and hospital beds.

Many Providers have contacted NYSCAL about the amount of detail that must be documented by a resident's physician as well as required facility documentation. NYSCAL spoke to DOH regarding the confusion and inquired if they would be issuing additional guidance to Providers. DOH indicated that they would be requesting the associations to work with them to develop training on what is expected of the Provider.

We have an association meeting schedule with DOH on August 15th, wherein the waivers will be a topic of discussion. Per DOH they will not be rendering determinations on enabler device waivers until we speak on August 15th, as many of the waivers submitted for review lack requisite information. Hospital beds and other waivers are being reviewed and determinations made based on information submitted. Any provider with questions are encouraged to contact their appropriate regional office. We will keep you posted as further information becomes available.  

For those of you who would like a copy of our Waiver Guidance Checklist, we have developed a comprehensive document for your use. Please contact Carla Erhartic if you would like a copy cerhartic@nyscal.org