DAL: 18-15 – New Guidance for ACFs, EHPs & ALRs to Comply with HCBS Final Rule

Carla Erhartic

The Department posted DAL 18-15 on the HCS November 9th. In 2016 DOH conducted an educational webinar concerning the impact of the HCBS Rule on ALPs, and later that same year ALP providers completed a self-assessment to measure their existing compliance with the HCBS Final Rule. The Department will now replicate these activities for adult homes, enriched housing and assisted living residences and specifically those that house one or more residents in receipt of Medicaid-funded HCBS.  If the facility has a resident receiving Medicaid funded HCB services the entire facility must comply regardless if they have ALPs or not according to the federal rule.  Click here to view the DAL and compliance document. If you have any questions, please contact Heidi Hayes at acfHCBS@health.ny.gov