DHCBS 16-06 posted on HCS – RE: LHCSA Statistical Report Due October 15,

This is to notify you the Department of Health has posted DAL DHCBS 16-06 regarding the 2015 LHCSA Statistical Report. The report, including the one specific for ALPS will be activated on August 22 through October 15, 2016.

The following documents are provided below for easy access:

DAL DHCBS 16-06 re: 2015 LHCSA Statistical Report
DHCBS 16-06 Attachment 1 Instructions on How to Access Surveys on HERDS
DHCBS 16-06 Attachment 2 LHCSA Statistical Report FAQ

Reminder:  If your LHCSA exclusively serves ALP patients, you should submit the ALP LHCSA Statistical Report which is a separate activity from the LHCSA Statistical Report.  If your LHCSA serves both ALP patients and non-ALP patients, you must submit both reports.