National Quality Award Program 2017 Application Packets Now Available

The National Quality Award Program is pleased to announce that the 2017 application packets are now available online. In addition, the 2017 program calendar and submission checklist have been posted to each award level page. Please visit the Bronze, Silver or Gold application pages to download application materials specific to your respective award level to see how your center should begin preparing. 

The 2017 Bronze Criteria Series is already available on ahcancalED. The Silver criteria series will be available by early September on ahcancalED. 

As a reminder, all applicants should read the application packet in full before submitting an intent to apply payment in the Fall. There have been significant changes to program's the survey eligibility requirements. The new policy can be found in Chapter 3: Application Policies and Eligibility of each application packet. 

Additionally, for Silver and Gold applicants there is a new requirement for results in Category 7. Silver and Gold applicants will be required to report on 10 measures within their application. The required results include: 

  1. 30-Day Rehospitalization
  2. Antipsychotic Rate
  3. Five-Star Quality Measure Rating 
  4. Overall Customer Satisfaction
  5. Customer Willingness to Recommend to Others
  6. Staff Turnover/Retention
  7. Five-Star Staffing Measure Rating
  8. Five-Star Overall Rating
  9. Five-Star Survey Measure Rating
  10. Financial and/or Market Results connected to a center's organization profile 

If any required results are not available, applicants must provide a clear and legitimate reason why a measure could not be obtained. More detailed information on including these measures can be found within both the Silver and Gold application packets. 

If you have any questions, please email We look forward to seeing your application in 2017!

**Important Dates to Remember**
Mid-September - Intent to Apply Process Opens
November 17 - Intent to Apply Deadline
December 1 - Applications are accepted online
January 26th 2017 - Application Deadline