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Gayle Farman and Joanne O'Connor in Foundation for Quality Care News

Audrey Blake

Audrey Blake, 76, joined the St. James family in January 2011.  She took up art about a year after becoming a resident and now finds it difficult to put down the paintbrush. When asked to share her inspiration for her painting, “Pals in the Pasture”, Audrey said, “I lived out east on Long Island and saw many pastures and horses grazing in them. I took many pictures. One evening I started downloading them and it gave me the inspiration for sketching and painting them. I love horses and animals and I love to draw and paint all animals.”

Audrey’s painting is featured for the month of June 2015 in FQC’s “Art from the Heart” Calendar, and on the slide show featured below.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a copy of this slide show on TVs in your organization?  This legacy product will be something that each artist, their family, friends, and community will enjoy. 

A sample of this slide show featuring our 2014 artists and their facilities is provided in the page below. We hope you will consider supporting this effort by sharing this page with facility staff, family members, and friends.

Pals in the Pasture

Pals in the Pasture

For more information about the Art from the Heart program with this year’s entry form, go to

If you have any questions, please contact Gayle Farman or Joanne O’Connor at the Foundation for Quality Care.

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