NYSCAL Participates in DOH Regulatory Reform Workgroup

Shelley Sabo in NYSCAL Notes

As previously reported, NYSCAL has been participating in the DOH Regulatory Reform Workgroup since its inception in February.  The charge of the group is to review and make recommendations for revisions of existing regulations pertaining to the licensure and operations of adult care facilities.  The workgroup, named “Redefining Adult Care Facilities for the 21st Century,” has been busy at work; meeting every two weeks to streamline regulations and discuss the current construct of licensure and what it could look like in the future.  To date the group has crafted a draft of revised regulations for Resident Funds and Valuables and NYSCAL will be seeking comment from members.  The workgroup, comprised of the assisted living associations, DOH staff, and consumer advocacy groups, has embarked upon a conversation regarding how to streamline and reduce the levels of licensure currently in place. In addition, the workgroup has begun discussing the role of the nurse, the regulatory barriers that are currently in place, and how to expand the nurse’s role in assisted living in New York.  NYSCAL welcomes all feedback and opinions and they should be directed to Shelley Wagar Sabo at ssabo@nyscal.org or 518-462-4800, ext. 17.