NYSHFA Staff Attend FDNY Meeting

Nancy Leveille and Richard Patterson in Emergency Readiness, Clinical & Quality

The Fire Department of NY, FDNY, held a meeting on Monday, August 5, 2013 in Brooklyn to discuss their proposed 2013 Fire Code Revision Proposed Amendments to FC Chapter 4 Emergency Planning and preparedness.  NYSHFA staff,  Nancy Leveille and Rick Patterson, attended and were updated by Julien Bazel, Counsel to FDNY on their recommendations for SNF, Assisted Living Facilities along with the hotel, theatre, academic facilities and specific mercantile businesses in NYC.  Their proposed amendments mirror NYS regulations already in place for SNF and Assisted Living Facilities. In addition, we addressed the CMS sprinkler regulations related to the elevator and elevator room for high rise SNF in NYC.  The Director of Codes noted some discussions with CMS and requested we follow up with the Director of Engineering within the next week, which we are pursuing.  As we noted in our member mailing last week, AHCA participated in a meeting with CMS related to the 2013 fully sprinklered requirement.

Jim Merrill, CMS, noted more information will be posted soon along with FAQ.  As more information becomes available, NYSHFA will update members.



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