NYSCAL Participates in Newly Created DOH Workgroup to Streamline Licensure

Shelley Sabo in NYSHFA News

The NYS Department of Health has recently created a workgroup to review and recommend strategies to streamline the licensure process.  The group’s mission is “to review and analyze the current ACF licensure application and approval process, including the application documents and required information, content and process of review, and make recommendations to streamline and simplify the process, while maintaining the quality and thoroughness of the documents and process to achieve appropriate determinations on applications.”  The group will review all licensure categories and has been broken into five subcommittees: architectural review, legal review, financial review, part one/electronic review and part two review.  NYSCAL participates in all subcommittees and will keep members apprised of the progress.  The Department hopes to have recommendations from all subcommittees and the overall workgroup by September.  Member feedback and comments for any subgroup should be forwarded to Shelley Sabo at ssabo@nyscal.org or 518-462-4800, ext. 17.

Refer to:  #13-334